The Farm Inn

REGION: Southern BelizePunta Gorda / Far South
SETTING: Tropical Jungle
TYPE: Resort
PRICE RANGE: $151 to $200; $201 to $250; $250+ per night

Uniquely situated on the newly paved section of the Southern Highway to Jalacte, 21 miles from Punta Gorda, we are close to ancient Maya ruins, secretive caves and beautiful waterfalls. Small, intimate and off the grid, we offer six en suite rooms in a jungle setting.

Located on an organic cacao farm, our restaurant utilizes vegetables and fruits grown in our kitchen garden and eggs from our free range chickens. Hiking trails through the cacao plantation and along gently flowing creeks offer great bird watching opportunities. An elevated tower for canopy bird watching is located on one of our easy trails.

High annual rainfall and spectacular thunderstorms result in an ever changing jungle, sometimes revealing but more often hiding mysterious ruins and caves, making this rainforest resort an exciting destination to discover your inner Indiana Jones, while enjoying the comfort of well-appointed rooms after an interesting blend of Belizean and African cuisine at the end of a day filled with adventure and exploration of the deep South of Belize.



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San Antonio – Santa Cruz Road
Southern Highway
Toledo District


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