About Belize

Belize welcomes and invites you to experience the extraordinary array of natural attractions that Nature has blessed Belize with. Your Belize vacation promises an intimate connection combining the mystique of Central America and the richly rewarding authenticity of a Caribbean getaway.

You Will Experience:

The longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, the magnificent Blue Hole, hundreds of islands, snorkel and dive locations
Lush tropical rainforests with spectacular caves, refreshing waterfalls, exotic birds and tropical wildlife
Hundreds of ancient Maya sites both excavated and jungle-covered
Ancient traditions and fascinating local cultures with delicious local dishes, colorful arts and crafts, and captivating music.

Belize is a land of many cultures but one people. Whether you choose rustic adventure or pampering in a luxurious jungle lodge, our unique blend of cultures will make our natural and cultural heritage come alive with warm.







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